So .. what is a babe .. asking Uncle Google we find that it's an adjective used to describe a good looking girl ... I agree but would like to extend it with "or woman".


Everybody has their own idea about what's hot and what's not. Some likes blondes, some brunettes, some gingers, some likes long har while others prefer short hair. Again some likes skinny, some likes fat girls .. luckily we don't all like exactly the same - would be a lot of fighting it it were like that. I know, according to scientists, we all prefer faces shaped according to the Golden Ratio and they might be right - I've never put it to a test.


I seem to be changing what I like the older I get .. or .. maybe not changing .. more like adding to the list. Might be some build in brain-thingy that as time passes expand my likings - as I'm single and I "need" to expand the criterias in order to find a mate that fits my list. I don't know and to be honest I really don't give it lots of thought .. so in the end .. you might enjoy the pics and clips I have here ,, and you might not .. nothing wrong with that.


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So this Golden Ration,

what's that all about??

"OK, I know what a babe is, but what does MILF mean??"

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