Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens


Why Ravens you might ask.


Well as I got more and more into NFL (back in the days when it was broadcast on TV2 Zulu - with (in my opinion) the best Danish NFL commentators .. NFLming (aka Claus Elming) and Jimmy "Falkeøje" (eng: Hawkeye) Bøjgaard) I "needed" to pick a team and as Baltimore is the only city in US I've stayed in it seemed an easy pick.


A lame reason you might say,

but it's what I got.


All in all it's been a joy to be a "Raven", a lot of excitement - sometimes almost too much.


The best seasons of cause being 2000 and 2012 with the SuperBowl wins.


The worst you ask ... can't remember.


Official webpage - contains all the offical pre and post game information, schedules, stats, store .. pretty much everything you need to know.

Official NFL webpage - all you need to know about news, schedules, standings etc. Also contains the official NFL shop.

How are the team performing? How do they compare/rank compared to the other teams - check it out at Teamrankings

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