Super Zorro


When did Zorro become Super??


It's one of those questions that will never be answered, just like "When did Nutella become awesome?" ... we don't know .. it just is.


Super: "of high grade or quality" or "very large or powerful"

Zorro: "A doglike fox found in the forests and savannah of South America" or as most of us know : "Don Diego de la Vega, a Californio nobleman living in Los Angeles during the era of Spanish rule"


So I guess, as I'm not Spanish, Zorro became Super when I absorbed the role.


LOL ... what a pile of crap .. I don't know ... I just thought it sounded cool (and still does).


Enjoy your visit to my somewhat silly site. /AwesomeSauce


Belgien Klubben (eng: The Belgium Club)

Four guys playing cards and boardgames to save up for a bi-yearly trip with one destination ... BEER!

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Some nerd.

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Everybody knows that Zorro is a dude, but if Zorro was a woman .. she might look like this....

Female Zorro

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